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Remember these DAK 1 Products? You decide which products DAK 2000 pursues.
DAK Industries - Click - Name dialing phones and more. Click -Air ionizer sends out millions of negative ions for clean air. Click to remember smelling the aroma of homemade bread with this DAK 1 breadmaker. Click - Color CMOS and CCD wireless 2.4GHz video and surveillance video cameras from BSR. Click -"wireless marriage saver" 2.4GHz wireless stereo headphones and wireless speakers. Click - Radar detectors are a direct import wonder price example.
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DAK Industries 2000 - Tweaks & Geeks Unite!
It's our turn in the sun. We're the Technogeeks and we're in the process of taking over the world. Evolution has finally put us on top. Soon everyone else will be speaking Geekonics too. Let's take our understanding, expertise and lack of techno-fear and turn them into Cold Hard Cash! Think power. Think leisure. And, check it out below.

Evolutionary Theory
It's true. Here's my theory of evolution. For thousands of years physical strength was what determined your place in society.
Sure intelligence counted but even into the 1940s and 50s, brute strength was the key.
In the 60s and 70s some of us evolved into hi-fi/electronic nuts called Tweaks (I was guilty, I had 9 tape decks).
Then in the 80s we evolved into geeks with our early entry into the world of computers.
Frankly, some people didn't respect us and some even feared us. But in the 90s we became the leaders and in the 00s, if we aren't already we'll be the world leaders.
Now it's mental strength all the way. Evolution has come full circle and finally put us on top.
The future is in the hands of the people with information. I think that's the definition of an eDAKonian.
And, DAK 2000 is MOVEing faster, BEing bigger and most important BETTER at finding new ways for early adopting, fear-free technogeeks to make our lives better.
We finally get some respect. We already have the power. Let's let it rip.DAK 2000

So Many Technologies So Little Time
It's getting so that when I walk the world's electronics shows I need two engineers just to help me translate the technologies. Yet, I shall fear no technology. And neither should you.
From CD-ROM/CD-RW to wireless networks, PCS and GPS to 300 and 440 MHz security/weather transmitters to Ethernet systems to DTS and 5.1 Theater Surround, frankly it's easy when you treat it like eating an elephant - one bite at a time.
We have to jump in fast and make the RIGHT technology choices to help us.
My task is to provide in-depth information (The devil is always in the details.) for you so that you can leverage technology to achieve your most mammoth lifestyle rewards.
A lot of these technologies can either bring you great pleasure or great productivity gains. Or, maybe BOTH.
Sure, many of you are way ahead of me in your own fields, but in this era of specialization, NOBODY can know all the new technologies.
That's why I'm here. I turn Geekonics and Geekspeak into English. I'm sort of an eDAKonian dictionary. I do the raw, basic research.
We live in a plug and play world. This is where we make the most of it.DAK 2000
So, How'd They Do That? Can I. . . ?
Hmm, I didn't know that. . .

Get two monitors on your computer for less than $50.
I love this! Yes for less than $50, you can get the benefits of 2-monitor real estate on your PC when you're using Windows 98/ME/XP. It's plug and play! Just add one of your old monitors. It's easy. And almost nobody knows about it. I mentioned this on another page, but I wanted to hit it on our Geek Page again because 1) you can use a super high-end AGP card if you wish, 2) it will change your computing life, you can do so much and 3) it's so cheap!

So, how do I print or NOT print web page backgrounds?

And why do you care? Well if you want to save toner, ink and time, don't print the backgrounds. If you want to capture the ambiance, color and background elements of the page, then print them. It's all just a click away.
So You Already Knew 'How'd They Do That. . .?'
If you're an advanced user and you already knew 8 out of 10 of these tips then congratulations. Not all of us are so fortunate. But we all need to learn.
And here's the really good part. When you're reading one of my articles, you can 'DRILL DOWN' to get all the information you need OR just keep reading if you already know the theory behind the technology.
Is the web great or what? So, whenever you need detailed specs, just click on one of my links or defined words. If you don't just keep reading. You'll become an educated power user of the specific product.
Either way, you'll be a happy eDAKonian. These are just examples of the free techno-help you'll get. Being an eDAKonian is a special experience.DAK 2000
You've Got To Know The Right Questions
It's critically important. If you don't know the right questions to ask, you have no shot at the right answer to your problem.
And believe me, I've asked every wrong question in the book. For example, after the 1994 LA Earthquake, DAK 1 had no gas.
It was cold. We asked the city when they'd come. They said 6 days. The correct question was, "Is it OK to use our own plumbers?" The answer was yes and we had heat the next day.
Over the years I've learned that I trust engineers, not salespeople.
When I bought the digital camera that I've used to create this site, I asked how many pixels the camera captured. The answer was about 1,572,000. The question I should have asked was how big was the resulting file size.
The answer should have been about 6 megabytes. The answer was 500K. The reason was that they used mandatory JPEG compression so I really can't get pictures that are good enough for my print catalog too.
BTW, it's a great camera for the web and for ink jet printing. It has external flash-sync and a live video setup feed. But, until I used the camera, I didn't know the right questions to ask.
MY job is think of the questions or make the blunders first, so that I ask the questions for you. And I'll detail answers about everything from subwoofers, equalizers, FRS radios to web issues like the difference between a vector based versus a pixel based graphics programs.
Normally, I wouldn't list the surprises, and THE FUN SURPRISES won't start turning up till April or May, but here are just a few of the definition boxes to give you a taste.
How about an explanation of points and picas, or a visual description of a micron. This is just the beginning. So, look around.DAK 2000
So, How'd They Do That? Can I. . . ?
This is an ever changing series of tips, tricks and tutorials! Check Back. (Sorry this page is too long. More next time!)

Too little time. Too little Space. Here's what's coming soon.
I've got a hundred ideas and no time. Here are some of the rotating articles that run through this section from subwoofers to IP addresses to cordless phones with multiple base stations so that they hand off your signal as you move around your home or office. Here are a just a few of the "How'd They Do That?" articles I have. Click here for a brief summary of each.

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