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If you’ve been converting your analog audio into digital files, you know how tediously time consuming it can be.
Audio Workshop streamlines the entire process from recording through track splitting.
By Sol Harari

If you already have the hardware you need to connect your turntable, cassette deck or reel to reel player to your computer, read on to find out how much time you'll save using DAK's Audio Workshop for your digital conversion project.

Not sure you have what you need?
Check out our complete hardware and software package here: LP to MP3 hardware package with free copy of Audio Workshop

One of the biggest annoyances of LP to CD and MP3 programs is that they are so disorganized that finding a simple function feels like searching for a needle in the haystack. We would know- DAK has been engineering audio editing software for over 10 years, and many of you have expressed frustration over this point.

The problem is twofold:

1- Audio editing programs are overloaded with features that aren’t pertinent to the program’s primary goal. Even if these extra features are useful for other things, they detract from a straightforward workflow.

2- The necessary features aren’t clearly mapped out in a logical and orderly sequence, further disrupting an efficient and steady workflow.    

Audio Workshop tackles these issues head on. Only functions that are useful for recording, editing or splitting audio have been kept for the program. Even more exciting, the functions for recording, editing and splitting have been categorized and organized into three neat and intuitive tabs.

Here’s the breakdown:

Recording Tab
Use this screen to record your music. Plain and simple. Play it back to check your work. Save the file. Move on to the next tab.

File Editing Tab

This is where you’ll perform all of the audio touch-ups to your newly saved file, among them pop and hiss removal and equalization. It's all under the Effects menu. Save your work and continue on to the next tab.

Track Splitting Tab
You’ve recorded the entire side of your vinyl record or tape cassette onto the computer. Load it into the Track Splitter to quickly separate that long recording into individual song tracks. The Track Splitter uses an adjustable algorithm to find the silences between tracks, but you can also manually place the track splits easily and efficiently. Save your individual songs, enter the album and artist information, and load the songs onto your smartphone or MP3 Player (or burn to a CD- we’ll show you how).

Audio Workshop: An Inside Look
(or skip to your buying choices)

There were some decisions to make during the development of Audio Workshop pertaining to which features would be included, and which would be dropped. Following is some insight and underlying logic driving some of those decisions.

Audio Workshop’s simplified and user friendly layout is detail oriented, and aims to add a new dimension of enjoyment our LP to MP3 projects.

Beyond the ease-of-use, there’s an intuitive aesthetic to organizing the program into separate tabs. Surveys about browsing habits from as far back as 2010 indicate a strong preference to using multiple tabs over multiple windows. It was a natural decision to implement that data when creating Audio Workshop.

Speaking of aesthetics- Audio Workshop is customizable and allows users to hide the grids, change waveform color, background color and skin color based upon your personal taste. See the options in the below screenshot.

As far as "extras," these are what we deemed worthy for inclusion:

The first is the option to create a timed recording. If you know the length of your recording, just set the timed recorder so you don’t need to babysit your recording. It will stop recording once the timer is up. This is a feature retained from the DAK Wave Editor.

The second is our Internet Recorder (aka Forbidden Song Grabber, you can read that review here). It’s a handy tool to have. It enables you to record any sound coming through your computer. Besides, it's a $12.95 program that's built in to Audio Workshop for free.

A big step forward in our audio editing software is the integration of noise removal algorithms within the main interface of our program. Our stand alone DePopper is still one of the most thorough and effective on the market, but if your record is in relatively good condition, you’ll find it much more convenient to just use Audio Workshop's click and pop removal tool for less intensive cleanup jobs.

Similarly, we have now successfully integrated a basic equalizer into Audio Workshop’s main interface. And also similar to the DePopper, our stand alone Recording EQ remains a very robust and powerful tool with special features of its own. Nonetheless, it’s really convenient to have Audio Workshop’s equalizer for projects that don’t require those extra measures of fine tuning (I know a bunch of you will disagree with me! Not everyone is as picky with selecting a precise db level for each available bandwidth…).

If you’re familiar with our Holy Grail Song Splitter, the Track Splitting tab should feel familiar to you. It has all the same functions as the HGSS plus two major improvements.

The automatic silence detector is still great at automatically splitting your tracks. But in case you need to manually add markers (like on a live album, or to split up a long speech or sermon) it’s a two click process to place a marker precisely where you need it.

When tagging your songs with album and artist info, you can also add the track number. This will keep your songs organized as it appears on the album (instead of alphabetically).

One thing that I really really like about Audio Workshop is something that the programmers have all discouraged me from promoting. And that, is multi-tasking. You can simultaneously Record, Edit, and Split! That’s some serious time saved! I haven’t encountered any bugs doing this yet, but I can’t officially endorse it. I guess your mileage will vary based on computer processing speeds and available RAM. Use this shortcut at your own risk (or not at all).

And finally, we've decided not to include our CD burner as part of this program. Already included on your Windows computer is Windows Media Player, and honestly, their CD burner is a breeze to use. It's better than ours, hands down. So instead of adding bulk and clutter to our program with a mediocre tool, we show you how to burn a CD using top of the line software included on your computer.

Try out Audio Workshop today, I’d love to hear your comments so we can begin working on the next version with even more improvements!

What's the Deal with Audio Toolbox?
What is it, and Why is it Free?

After our initial offering of Audio Workshop, our DAKonians loved the streamlined interface and appreciated how I kept the extras out of the program.
But still, some of them still wanted the bonus goodies back (the ones that I felt were irrelevant to the program and just made it more confusing).

I must be more of a minimalist than other DAKonians, but as a nod to our DAK community, I caved and developed a separate program that contains six functions excluded from Audio Workshop.

It costs $18.95 alone but it is added to Audio Workshop orders for free.

Here are the bonus goodies contained within Audio Toolbox:

-Crossfader: Seamlessly play through playlists fading from one song to the next.

-CD Ripper: With Auto Retrieve feature that fetches the album info for you.

-Format Converter: Convert one type of sound file into a different format.

-ID Tag Editor: Add or edit track info for MP3, M4A, WMA, AAC, OGG, FLAC files.

-Recorders: A no frills audio recorder with many formatting options.

-Text to Audio: Input text and have the program narrate it back to you.

That just about covers it in a nutshell. You can read all the details about the Audio Toolbox here (opens in new window).

Take the best elements from DAK's Wave Editor, DePopper, Recording Equalizer, Holy Grail Song Splitter, and the Forbidden Song Grabber.

Combine them together into one user friendly super-program.

That's Audio Workshop in a nutshell.

"The Wave Editor is great, but why can't you make it without all the bells and whistles?!"

Three tabs intuitively categorize and organize Audio Workshop's main functions, making your job that much easier.

Here's a peek at the different effects available under the File Editing Tab. The list is selective yet substantial.

Tag multiple song files with Artist, Album, Track Number and more when saving your tracks. You only need to type it once for all the tracks being saved (generally the entire side of the record or tape). Saving the track number will keep you songs arranged in album order instead of alphabetically.

Customize the appearance of Audio Workshop however you like.

The included Internet Recorder (aka. Forbidden Song Grabber) is an excellent no-frills way to record any sound coming through your computer.

This list of all your markers is a significant improvement to our original Holy Grail Song Splitter helping you keep track of all your, well, tracks.

Audio Workshop by DAK
(plus Audio Toolbox)
Get all the necessary functions for converting LP to MP3 in one easy to use program. Record audio, edit, depop, equalize, split and tag in a straightforward and logical workflow.

No more closing out of one program, opening another, closing it again, opening the third... All the functions are in the same program.

Includes noise reduction (depopping) capabilities, includes equalizing effect, includes improved track splitting functionality and includes the Forbidden Song Grabber for free. All built in to the program in a non-intrusive, organized manner. If you do the math for purchasing these programs separately....

Wave Editor: $24.95
Holy Grail Song Splitter: $24.95
Depopper: $18.00
Recording EQ: $21.95
Forbidden Song Grabber: $12.95

Plus Audio Toolbox: $18.95

Total Cost: $121.75

Audio Workshop only costs $54.95.

...We'll just need to sell more to recoup our losses! ;)

Instant Download
for Windows and Mac
Just $54.95 - ($0 P&H)
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Check Here to add DAK's Line input to USB adapter. It's REQUIRED if you plan on recording LPs to your Mac computer. Adds $39.95 to your order.
Check Here if you'd like a disc with this program sent to you. Adds $6 plus $3 to ship (total $9 added). You don't actually need it but just in case you prefer the hard copy- here it is.
Check Here if you'd like a disc with this program sent to you. Adds $6 plus $3 to ship (total $9 added). You don't actually need it but just in case you prefer the hard copy- here it is.
Check Here if you would like to add on our Recording Equalizer. If you don't already have it- it's a great stand-alone program. You already have equalizing capability in Audio Workshop but this is if you want a program that is solely dedicated to equalizing your files. It is more robust than Audio Workshop's built-in EQ. Normally $21.95. With purchase of Audio Workshop-
Only $9.95

(you can read the review on the stand-alone equalizer here)
5-Day 100% Refund - Free Trial.
If you don't love it you don't keep it.
Just email and say Refund within 5 days.

Minimum System Requirements

CPU 1 Ghz Pentium 2, 3, 4 Plus Duos, Quads Intel i3, i5, i7 & AMD Equivalents
Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7

Mac OS X 10.7 and later

512 MB RAM

Sound Card DOES NOT NEED Standard - Stereo Mix, Wave Out, Or What U Hear recording Functionality.

No Illegal Copying
DAK's Forbidden Song Grabber is not intended for use in circumventing copy protection mechanisms or for making illegal copies of copyrighted content. Just because you have the ability to copy anything doesn't mean you should copy everything.



  Copyrights are the property of their respective owners.

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