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DAK Industries - The DAK Catalog: Click - Name dialing phones and more. DAK Industries: Click -Air ionizer sends out millions of negative ions for clean air. DAK Industries: Click to remember smelling the aroma of homemade bread with this DAK 1 breadmaker. DAK Industries: Click - Color CMOS and CCD wireless 2.4GHz video and surveillance video cameras from BSR. DAK Industries: Click -"wireless marriage saver" 2.4GHz wireless stereo headphones and wireless speakers. DAK Industries: Click - Radar detectors are a direct import wonder price example.
DAK Industries: Sol greets past and present DAKonians at DAK! Now DAK explores & evaluates the newest electronic technologies, explaining exactly what a product or technology will & will not do.
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Super 36dB Active Noice Canceling Earbuds

Eliminate constant, background, ambient noise with the help of active noice cancellation. It's much more effective than noise isolation because it doesn't simply block out noise the way other earbuds and and earplugs do. It uses physics principles and sophisticated circuitry to negate incoming soundwaves.

See the demo video and full story right here
Only $99.95
Free shipping this week

TrueWireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

100% Wireless Bluetooth Music to Two Speakers.

Hear your favorite tracks with Left and Right channel stereo separation like the musicians intended.
Two speakers link together wirelessly to create a musical experience you only thought possible with hifi wired speakers.

Oh, and for a limited time, you get free
2-way shipping.

Get in on this Bluetooth Breakthrough here

Only $119.95 ea.
Inroductory price $99.95 ea.

Forbidden Song Grabber
Missing 'Stereo Mix' from your new computer? That's no longer a problem with the Forbidden Song Grabber. This program makes it easier to record any audio playing through your computer than using 'Stereo Mix' ever was! With the Forbidden Song Grabber, you don't need to change any settings on your computer. Just launch the app, and you're ready to record.

Get back the ability to record from your computer for only $12.95.


Save 70% of your time converting your LPs, 45s tapes plus do the previously undoable automatically.
We've finally been able to combine all of the engines from the Wave Editor, DePopper, Equalizer and Holy Grail Song Splitter into one all-inclusive program.
Save hours converting your records and tapes with this super-program for just $54.95
LP To CD & MP3
Cassettes Too.
LPs & Tapes To MP3s Fast & Easy.
Do it yourself step-by-step easy tutorials.
Pops & Scratches gone. Tracks made. Keep the ones you want, delete the ones you don't. Our most popular and time tested solution.
See The Page - With Your Turntable or $219 With Ours.

Note: Cassette and LP systems are the same. I'm just showing you all you can do.
Your Old Stereo is a Bluetooth Powerhouse!
The Easiest Way To Upgrade Your Stereo System That You Already Own. DAK's Bluetooth Upgrade unlocks your stereo's Bluetooth potential and allows you to wirelessly send music directly from your smartphone or tablet to your home stereo receiver. And it works on just about any device. Transform any audio device to send or receive Bluetooth audio.
Add Bluetooth to your classic, irreplaceable stereo system for only $69.95.
Cassettes To CDs & MP3s Fast & Easy. Do It yourself step-by-step easy tutorials. Hiss * noise gone. Tracks made. Keep the ones you want, delete the ones you don't. $69.90 With Your Turntable or $219 With ours.
Note: Cassette and LP systems are the same. I'm just showing you all you can do.
Extreme Home Videos

Shooting home videos takes on new meaning with this little action camera.

Watch our video reviews and see just how much you can do with your DAKCam

Only $99.95

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Welcome DAKonians and new friends. We're back. For over 30 years, DAK Industries was the one place you could go to learn both why an electronic product worked and how it worked.
Now I've started to explore, and evaluate how the newest electronic technologies
can boost our productivity and maximize our enjoyment of our leisure time.
By 1994, DAK 1 was 4,300,000 strong. If you remember the DAK catalog, you know that I tested every product myself and wrote the stories about the products, describing their benefits and the faults.
Over the years I've found that it's only by actually using a product with my own two hands, not by just reading a spec. sheet that I can judge if it's the right 'tool' for us to use.
Now I'm doing it again. I'm mailing DAK Catalogs. Between DAK catalogs, I've got some neat products to share with you by e-mail.
I've identified over 50 products that will revolutionize the way we live and work. So, enter your e-mail and/or snail mail addresses below and let's explore.DAK Industries

The DAK Industries Concept
Forget superstores. Forget mass-produced products that are 'dumbed down' so anyone can use them.
Through we will explore products that you can't get anywhere else.
These are the products you'd recommend to a friend or design for yourself if you had the time, engineering training, and corporate resources.
We work with engineers, not salespeople, who are literally changing the world with incredible innovations to increase our productivity, save us time and help us better enjoy our lives.
And, I do it factory direct to you. So, you save big bucks and not pay big bucks for big productivity gains. Remember, the most expensive product isn't always the best for the task. Often, you need a PT boat not a battleship.
Plus together we'll discover which of the new technologies make the most sense for us to use and which don't.It's DAK Industries
DAK Catalog: The DAK 1 64 page print catalogs often contained 2 or 3 pages about a single product to properly explain it. The Web will be much better. Think of it as  an electronic DAK catalog.
OK, BETWEEN print catalogs how do we keep up?. Easy, become an eDAKonian today and get my newsletter electronics updates.
Really great products are pouring in right now that I'd love to share with you. So, just fill in your e-mail address below if you'd like to:
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